Welcome to my site. Please look around and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what you see. I am happy to talk with you at 1-907-766-3572 or to correspond via email.

And if you happen to be in Haines Alaska please stop by my storefront, the Forget-Me-Not Gallery. It’s located at 209 Tower Road. Just head up Soapsuds Alley and look for the Sky Blue house adorned with murals by Haines artist, Merrick Bochart and Bellingham artist, Trillium Swanson. If you’ve found the Chilkat Center you’re almost there.

Here on my website the first thing you'll find is my line of silver jewelry, Sterling Originals. Working in this medium gives me great pleasure as it allows me to create true reflections, in miniature form, of some of my original ivory and wood sculptures and offer them in a way that people can afford. Then by carving the original in a hard wax and having it cast, I can put all of my heart and energy into it the first time around. For me the sincerity is as important as the design. I usually design new pieces in the fall and they are available by the first of the year, so please feel welcome to visit often and see what's new.

The next place you may want to visit is Dolls and Puppets. Fair warning; you never know what you might encounter here. This is where my freedom to play really begins. There are two types of dolls that I indulge in. The first I call Fine Art Dolls. Most of these I begin by carving the face, hands and feet in a very hard wood, such as Boxwood, Black walnut, Maple or Manzanita root to name a few. Next, comes the wrapped wire armature body and then the costume. These dolls truly create themselves. Even when I know where I am at the start, I never know who the final figure will be. The second type I call Found Object Dolls. These are the true wild cards. Body parts just seem to show up. Faces are often made of air drying clay, but there is no guarantee. So, there you are, invited and fair warned! Now, if you are really feeling bold go ahead and venture on to Puppets. The Working Puppets, found in the Archives are part of my performing repertoire. I am a member of Geppetto's Junkyard, a puppet troupe based in Haines Alaska. We like to think of ourselves as renegade puppeteers. Nothing too cute allowed. The working puppets are not for sale as they must earn their keep, but they are enough fun to warrant showing off. The Art Doll Puppets are for sale. Hang them in your living room as Objects d'art, amuse your friends with their antics. Most of all have fun.

Next on the list is Sculptures. I am including here pretty much everything else. Anything goes, from figurative carvings in fossil ivory and hard woods, to one of a kind sculptural jewelry, to what I call a story box. From traditional forms to absolute free form.

And please do visit the Archives page. It serves as my gallery of work that is not available for purchase but that I would love to share. A history of sorts. A place close to my heart.